Go To Market Services

Aviro Launch Services work with a leading North American major appliances (MDA) and air conditioning brand to develop and implement their go 2 market strategy for the EU.

Our client has many years experience in developing products and selling into the US and Canadian markets where their brand is well established. They made the strategic decision to commerce the development of sales activities in new markets, specifically the UK and across the EU.   

The initial challenge was to work with the brand to develop a range of products that would be suitable and certified for the UK/EU markets. Following this, we needed to identify and appoint relevant third party service providers who would be able to implement the right infrastructure in order to take the brand to market and provide a seamless customer experience. Once the products, partners and infrastructure were in place then the challenge was to take the brand to the market with a view to developing retail listing and sales.

To solve some of the challenges faced, we reviewed the product ranges available and performed a thorough analysis of the markets. The objective was to identify specific product categories from the overall range that would be best suit an initial launch of the brand. We then worked with the internal product teams to develop and certify the products in preparation for launch. In conjunction,  we made a deep analysis of the market and identified the best service providers who could deliver the agreed service levels specifically relating to distribution, after-sales, technical support, parts management, customer service and warranty . 

After negotiating the service contracts and appointing the business partners we developed the brand pitch deck and commenced the targeting of potential retail partners. We also worked with the in-house marketing teams to develop the marketing and PR plans ready to commence the product in-market launch. After a number of meetings with identified retail buyers, we are pleased to see a number of products are now live in various retailers.