A global leader in car products asked us to review and provide recommendations to improve their Amazon business performance.  They had been selling through Amazon Vendor and had struggled to understand how to develop their content and listings in line with best practice.

Through initial analysis we identified the correct categories and subcategories for their products. We also identified and built a list of the most relevant keywords that people searched for related to their specific product range.

Utilising their brand team, we worked with them to develop engaging and relevant copy and improve the product images. Additionally, we advised on the development of brand-specific content and storefront. As the products are of a technical nature, there were a number of questions and customer services issues being asked by consumers that either hadn’t been addressed or hadn’t been addressed in the correct manor. Again, we worked with the brand team to build a review monitoring process and implemented KPI’s and content specifically based around improving the customer experience.

As a result, there was an improvement in the visibility of the range of products on Amazon and their conversion rates. Additionally, customer satisfaction increased as customer service questions were answered in a correct, timely and optimised fashion. This all-round feedback was discussed with the outsourced customer service teams, and as a result there are improved operating processes and monitoring of KPI’s in place. We are now working with the team to repeat the process across the EU to develop EU Amazon sales for their products.